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RK Autowerkes

RK Autowerkes S55 Catless Downpipes

RK Autowerkes S55 Catless Downpipes

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The RK Autowerks catless downpipes eliminate the restriction in exhaust flow, allowing for quicker turbo spooling. The lowered back-pressure results in significant horsepower and torque gains that can be felt immediately. Having been designed using state of the art 3d scanning and prototyping ensures that all of our downpipes fit the customers car just like OEM downpipes do.

Our downpipes and mandrel-bent T304 stainless steel tubes with CNC velocity stack flanges at the turbo mount.  TIG-welded construction with v-band flanges ensures that there will be no failure down the road for all our customers.

Stainless O2 sensor bung locations are precision mounted in the factory locations.

Downpipe Features:
– T304 Stainless Steel construction, using mandrel bends
– Precision TIG welded joints
– Heavy-Duty Stainless V-Band/Exhaust flanges
– Factory O2 locations retained with Stainless Steel bungs
– Reduced under hood temperatures

Models Supported:
– M3 | F80 | 2015-2018
– M4 | F82 F83 | 2015-2018
– M2 Competition | F87 | 2018+



Cat-less Downpipes are for OFF ROAD USE ONLY. Using these will result in a check engine/service engine soon light. Federal and many state laws prohibit the removal, modification or rendering inoperative of any part or element of design effecting emissions or safety on motor vehicles used for transporting persons or property on a public street or highway.


Weight 11 lbs
Dimensions 30 × 14 × 7 in
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