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After making up my own fuel lines with proper fittings, this HPFP seems to be doing the trick. The product is as described which I appreciate. Their products are quality. I don’t have a complaint about shipment because things don’t always arrive quickly. That’s fine. But, the zero communication from the company after 2-3 emails was ridiculous. Spending over $500+ on a product from a company I hadn’t heard of, it would have been nice for that peace of mind. So, it took over a month and no response from sales team, I got my product, alls fine. Nothing bad. Just had me worried for a minute. Just wish I had better communication with the company I’m buying from.

wont detect vehicle but is getting power

i’ve tried everything i could find online. been emailing back n forth with support and still nothing works. the adapter has power and shows connected but won’t detect car even trying everything

Please reach out to us so we can help you resolve it.

Great support

Took 2 weeks to get due to unforeseen circumstances. Mike kept in contact with me and got it sorted out. Thanks!

2017 440i

Came with everything needed, super nice with the harness extension.

Worst customer service ever

After receiving the products, My mechanic informed me that I already had the high-pressure fuel pump and did not need anything in this order. For Almost 2 weeks I have been trying to set up a return with your company by leaving numerous voice, messages and emails and have yet to receive any contact back from your company. I am still trying to set up a return with your company.

Fit pretty good. Insanely loud. Fun

Fit perfectly and I love it


This place is the tits and I love tits

Works well

The only complaint I have is that they don’t incorporate the orginal mount point on the new down pipe so it’s basically held by v band and exhaust past the down pipe

it’s a cup with mrmperformance logo

High quality cup. Haven’t washed it enough to see if the logo comes apart. However imagine it will be a long time until that happens. Metal inside keeps my drinks cold for quite awhile.

Easy simple plug and play power

Install was a breeze, setting up the tune via mhd was also very simple. The only thing I wish it had was some mounting tabs or holes on the analyzer so there was a cleaner and simpler way to mount it.

Good b58tu pump

Fast shipping

Return or exchange

TU pump does not engage fuel from the tank comes to it, but it does not distributed to the injectors

4.5 catless downpipe B58

The customer service was outstanding. Very prompt responses and had the downpipe delivered within 3 days. Car sounds great and really introduces more turbo / intake noises.


Worked like it was supposed to!

It’s great

I ordered a catless downpipe and didn’t realize it was on back order. Once it became available I got it a few days later and installed it. It opens up the car so much and it sounds great.

VTT B58 Gen 1 BILLET CNC Valve Cover

The product was received expediently and the customer service was awesome. Thanks MRM Performance.👍🏿👍🏿


I’m loving it

MRM B58 4.5inch Downpipe

Man, their product fit like a glove! Very nice quality. We installed it on my Supra the other day and no issues!

Game changer

Bootmod3 Is insane!!!!! In 15 minutes it took a decent quick 340i to 🔥🔥🔥🔥. I can’t believe the amount of features and technology that went into these maps, and the different tools to really make it a owner tuner feel like you can really tune it to perfection from the comfort of your garage

4.5in B58 Catless Downpipe 21 M340i

Truly unlocks the sound of the B58! The installation took a total of 40 minutes and fit like a glove. I couldn’t be happier with the results and will definitely do lots more business with MRM.The customer support they offer is second to none! They make you feel safe and secure about ordering and are ready answer any questions you have. I can’t recommend this company and product enough. Thank you MRM for your top tier service.

CTS coil packs

Easy install, and work great! Look nice as well.

Just buy it! Massive bang for the buck…

Perfect fit, silent operation (compared to the OG Dorch that I had before) and enough fuel to run my b58 stock turbo full tilt on E50 with fuel to spare.
ZERO problems and wicked fast compared to the gen1 hpfp (with the proper tuning of corse)