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ARM Motorsports

ARM Motorsports N54 Inlets

ARM Motorsports N54 Inlets

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• Gain up to +60whp/60wtq
• Faster Turbo Spool
• Increased Turbo Volume 


The ARM Motorsports N54 Inlets are the ultimate relocated inlet system for your N54.  Relocating the inlets on your N54 with the ARM Inlets increase the power and torque of your N54 up to 60whp/60wtq. Expect improved turbo spool, faster peak boost, and more volume from the turbochargers on your N54.  If you're looking to max out your stock or upgraded twin turbochargers these are a must!

n54 inlets

The stock N54 inlets are narrow and flat, greatly restricting airflow to the turbochargers and handicapping their ability to spool quickly and hit target boost. The stock inlets connect from turbos on the passenger side of the engine to the airbox or upgraded intake on the driver-side, essentially "hugging" the engine.  The stock inlet for the rear turbo wraps behind the engine while the stock front inlet wraps around the front of the engine where they come to meet on the driver-side and connect to either the stock airbox or upgraded intake, whichever you have your N54 equipped with. 

N54 Inlets stock vs relocated


The ARM N54 Relocated Inlets are constructed of high-temperature steel-reinforced silicone and move the intake filters for the turbochargers from the driver-side of the engine over to the passenger-side, reducing the length the intake air needs to travel significantly.

One of the greatest challenges when upgrading to relocated inlets on your N54 is mitigating the heat of the air induced by the turbos.  With the inlets relocated to the passenger-side the filters are closer to the turbochargers where temperatures are hotter. 
The ARM N54 Inlets come with a manifold heat shield which serves to help keep heat down near the turbos and away from the inlet filters.  It also assists with keeping heat away from the inlet tubes themselves. 

In addition, the ARM Inlets come with an air filter heat shield which assists in keeping the cooler air near the filters separate from hotter air coming from the engine adjacent to it.

The air filters on the ARM Inlets are secured in place with a filter bracket which prevents filters and inlets themselves from bouncing around during acceleration, braking, and cornering.  Also included with the ARM Inlets is a support bracket for the boost solenoids.  This keeps them locked into place during extreme driving.  

To help make installation easy, relocation brackets for the coolant reservoir and power steering pump reservoir are included with the ARM Inlets.  


• ARM Relocated Inlets
• Manifold Heat Shield
• Air Filter Heat Shield
• Coolant Reservoir Relocation Brackets
• Power Steering Reservoir Relocation Bracket
• Boost Solenoid Bracket
• Clamps


The ARM inlets currently only fit the following Left-Hand-Drive vehicles.

Make Chassis Model Engine
BMW E82 135i N54 3.0L
BMW E90 335i N54 3.0L
BMW E90 335xi N54 3.0L
BMW E92 335i N54 3.0L
BMW E92 335xi N54 3.0L
BMW E93 335i N54 3.0L


Every ARM Motorsports product is backed by a lifetime warranty which is automatically issued at the time of purchase. Your warranty protects you against any defects in craftsmanship or fitment. The warranty entitles you to a replacement unit.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Daniel Mozer (Budapest, HU)

ARM Motorsports N54 Inlets

Dan S (Minnetonka, US)
Slight mixup on the sizing but Mike was quick to make things right!

So I ordered 1.75” inlets for my stock turbos, but ARM discontinued 1.75” inlets in favor of only producing 2”, so naturally I was a bit confused, after reaching out to ARM and Mike at MRM, we were able to get the mixup sorted out, ARM recommended simply clamping the 2” inlet down tightly on the 1.75” inlet, and fortunately to my surprise after smoke testing them the inlets sealed down onto the turbos with no issues, however Mike at MRM was quick to offer to expedite out a set of 1.75” to 2” inlet adapters at no cost to me, which is simply above and beyond customer service. Fitment is definitely tight but that’s just the nature of relocated inlets on any N54, so not an ARM issue at all. The included heat shield fit well and seems to be doing a good job of protecting the silicone inlets from the heat produced by the turbos, which is an issue on many other silicone relocated inlet kits. I didn’t use the coolant reservoir or power steering reservoir relocation brackets included, instead ditching the stock coolant reservoir and power steering bracket in favor of a 335D reservoir, and 335D power steering bracket. The intake air temps are within check thanks to the heat shield provided by ARM, and my car seems to spool the turbos significantly faster, and the turbo noises are much louder. Overall happy with the purchase and would definitely buy again. Always a happy MRM customer!

Thanks for the awesome review Dan. Glad your enjoying the new inlets and look forward to getting you more parts