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ARM Motorsports

ARM Motorsports S55 Intakes

ARM Motorsports S55 Intakes

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When we set out to develop the ARM F80 intake system we wanted to create an intake system for the S55 engine that would support the most advanced builds by removing any potential bottleneck in the induction system. Consequently, we developed the best intake available for the S55 engine.  

The focus of the ARM S55 Intake is performance, period.  We're not here to offer fancy pipes that look better than the stock intake but perform the same, or worse. Our purpose in developing an intake system for the F80 platform was to create something that would outperform everything else on the market, especially in the most demanding builds.  It looks good, it sounds amazing, and most importantly it makes your S55 breathe better. 

With a 3.5" inside diameter intake runners, the ARM S55 Intake System is the largest diameter intake system available for the S55 engine.  Whether you're running the stock turbos or upgraded turbos, if you're looking for serious performance, the ARM S55 Intake system is your answer.  

Our project F80 M3 is equipped with Pure Turbos Stage 2+ turbochargers to test the limits our S55 upgrades.  With our project F80 equipped with all of our upgrades, ARM S55 Resonated Downpipes, Charge Pipes, and of course our S55 Intake System, it is making over 720whp, with a 5.9 second 60-130mph our build has proven to not only remove the limits of the stock intake system, but also support the bleeding edge of power for the stock block S55 setup. 

The ARM S55 Intake is constructed of 6 layer reinforced silicone tubing.  Utilizing this material allows us to maximize the space allowed by BMW, especially where there is the least clearance, between the strut brace and the radiator.  

Each side of the ARM Intake is uniquely constructed.  The passenger side maximizes the size of the large 3.5" air filters while making a smooth, uninterrupted transition down to the stock S55 turbo inlet.

While the driver-side intake runner maintains the 3.5" inside diameter all the way until it reaches the stock turbo inlet and overlaps it, making the stock inlet pipe the lowest common denominator in the intake system.  The ARM S55 Intake driver side runner is larger than even the upgraded Pure Turbos turbo inlet.   

Both sides utilize heat shields which capture the fresh air from the stock BMW intake ducts, while simultaneously blocking out the majority of the heat in the engine bay.  The cutouts in the heat shields allow for a tight seal with the intake pipe.  While the edges of the heat shield form a seal with the engine bay including the hood, forcing the intakes to inject the cooler air being delivered by the BMW air ducts.  

PLEASE NOTE: You may experience mild fluctuating rpm on startup, this is common and will subside after approximately 15-30 seconds.

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