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ARMYTRIX Stainless Steel Valvetronic Catback Exhaust System (E9X M3 2008-2013)

ARMYTRIX Stainless Steel Valvetronic Catback Exhaust System (E9X M3 2008-2013)

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The Only Brand With Valve-Controlled OBD2 Module For Quick and Effortless Installation. ARMYTRIX is pleased to present the ultimate exhaust upgrade for the BMW E90/E92 M3. Harvesting the 4.0L S65 V8 full potential through our meticulously engineered T304 stainless steel system; reinvigorating your experience with enhanced performance and sound. Free flowing capability creates a system that handles exhaust with brutal efficiency realizing increased HP and torque. The refinement and amplification of exhaust note offers unique ambiance. Achieving true independence and brand new auditory sensations like never before. Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower. ARMYTRIX is once again at the forefront of another revolutionary advancement. Throw out everything you think you knew about installing valve control. The current exhaust aftermarket is flooded with the '-school approach.' The traditional method requires hours of time consuming and complex wiring works. We have simplified the process, attaching the ARMYTRIX OBDII Module and a few wires to its rightful places; the entire valvetronic comes to life at a press of a button. A pioneer in its field, ARMYTRIX App is a necessary and revolutionary progression of our valvetronic exhaust. We aim to strengthen the personal link between user and machine, by increasing functionality and mobility. Receiving real time updates, with high data logging rate, you are in sync with the pulse of your vehicle. Keep in touch with the conditions that matter to you. Control the configuration of the valves through the easy-to-operate digital interface. Discover the true meaning of liberating freedom. Configuration of the valves is shown by the easy to read display interface. When the Green light is on, the valves are opened. Red indicates valves are closed and Orange means at 3500 rpm the valves will automatically open.


  • Power ( HP): 22.3
  • Torque ( Nm): 22
  • Weight Saving (-Kg): 11.7
  • Precision-Crafted T304 Stainless Steel
  • x-Pipe Vicious Scream and Ferocious Power
  • View Install Instructions Here
  • BMW M3 E9x 2008-2013
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