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Dorch Engineering B58TU Gen2 DS25 HPFP Upgrade (**NEW**)

Dorch Engineering B58TU Gen2 DS25 HPFP Upgrade (**NEW**)

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DS25-350 HPFP Specs DS25-350 DS25-350 with + 27% Cam Upgrade
Flow Potential Gasoline 770whp 950whp
Flow Potential E85 560whp 710whp
Operating Pressure 350 Bar 350 Bar

From the creators of the world’s first B58 direct-injection fueling upgrades, comes our next generation of pumps. We’re proud to announce the 350 bar version of our wildly successful DS25 pump; another first of it’s kind in the aftermarket! Internally, we’ve re-worked the entire pump body, spring rates, plunger depth, and completely optimized the volumetric efficiency of the pump. What we’ve come up with is the same consistent and extremely reliable HPFP solutions we’re known for, but now at 350 bar operating pressures for Gen2 B58 compatibility! There’s no cutting, no bending, no crimping, etc. This kit drops right in with full control from the DME, just like the OEM pump. All of the safety and sophistication of the stock DME remain in place.


Software changes are required to run this pump. If using Bootmod3 or MHD, simply check the box for our pump upgrade when flashing (coming soon). Otherwise, please send your .BIN file to for the appropriate software implementation via WinOLS.


Beyond the pump performance, why choose Dorch?

  • PLUG AND PLAY: This is the ONLY true plug and play OEM fitment option on the market. Our kit includes our 350 bar capacity hardline to effortlessly connect our HPFP to your fuel rail (versus the time consuming process of bending and potentially damaging the OEM line to fit).
  • LIFETIME WARRANTY: The reason we can offer this is simply because our pumps are THAT reliable. That said, on the slim chance you have an issue, we’ve got your back!
  • CUSTOMER SUPPORT: Ask around! It’s no secret that we offer unrivaled 24/7 support with REAL help. You’re an email away from professional engineers, technicians, and our tuner, who can solve anything you throw at them.
  • TUNING SUPPORT: We aren’t just a hard part’s manufacturer. We have a dedicated calibration engineer in-house who painstakingly develops all of our HPFP files using OEM calibration tools and supports a global tuning network.


Kit Contents:

  • Dorch Lifetime Warranty
  • HPFP w/ Hardware
  • Dorch High Pressure Line
  • PTFE Low Pressure Line
  • Low Pressure Hose Bracket
  • Plug and Play Adapter Harness

Kit Fitment:

A90/91 – Toyota Supra
G29 – Z4 M40i

G42/43 – M240i, M240xi
G20/21 – M340i, M340xi
G22/23/26 – M440i, M440xi

G30/31 – 540i, 540xi *
G32 – 640i, 640xi *
G11/12 – 740i, 740xi *
G15/16 – 840i, 840xi
G05 – X5 40i
G06 – X6 40i
G07 – X7 40i

G01 – X3 M40i *
G02 – X4 M40i *

* ONLY GEN2 B58 Equipped Model Years

Installation Instructions:

Coming Soon!

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