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Evolution Racewerks

Evolution Racewerks Competition Series S58 Mid Pipes (F97/F98 X3M & X4M)

Evolution Racewerks Competition Series S58 Mid Pipes (F97/F98 X3M & X4M)

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Key Features:

  • Now available for the 2020+ BMW X3M/X4M S58 Engines!
  • Higher Max Horsepower Power Curve
  • Higher Intial Torque Curve.  Torque curve hits faster and higher and longer.
  • Better throttle response and faster turbo spool up times
  • Deletes factory resonators for improved flow
  • Mandrel Bent 2.75" (70mm) piping.  Smooth transition through the exhaust system.
  • 100% Stainless Steel Construction
  • 100% TIG welded for better quality welds
  • Precision CNC machined Flanges
  • Brushed Finish
  • Compatible with the factory or aftermarket exhaust systems
  • Track tested durability
  • Includes all hardware for complete installation
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty




Restrictions in the exhaust system robs horsepower and torque especially on turbocharged cars. Thus, removing as much exhaust flow restrictions will increase horsepower and torque.  The factory resonators found in the factory midpipe is designed to muffle and quiet the exhaust flow however this causes a restriction to the exhaust flow.  Our Competition Series Mid Pipes deletes the resonators from the exhaust system to improve exhaust flow.  Coupled with mandrel bent tubing which also helps promote better flow, increase horsepower and torque can be had.  At the same time, a more aggressive exhaust sound is produced.

Our Competition Series Mid Pipes feature a "H" style crossover.  The crossover is used to equalize the pressure between the left and right exhaust pipes.  This helps promote better flow and reduce droning.  Through testing between an "X" and "H" crossover design, we found the "H" crossover design helped reduce droning and improving low end torque compared to the "X" crossover design.  Thus, we incorporated an "H" crossover instead of a "X" crossover.  At the end of the day, this is a BMW and we do not want droning.  The factory mid pipe also incorporates a "H" crossover design so we figured BMW also felt the "H" design was the ideal solution for this appliation.




"H" Crossover Design for Reduced Droning

Our Competition Series Mid Pipes are constructed out of 100% 304 grade stainless steel and utilize mandrel bent piping. They are 100% TIG welded by our in house fabricators and built in the USA.  Our exhaust flanges are billet stainless steel that is computer CNC precision cut.  The factory bracket hanger is retained.  The bracket hanger is laser cut and TIG welded using stainless steel rods.  High quality  exhaust clamps are used to joint the mid pipes to the rear exhaust muffler section.




CNC Billet Stainless Steel Flange

Our Competition Series Mid Pipes are designed to fit perfectly with either the factory exhaust system or your aftermarket exhaust system designed for compatibility to the factory mid pipes.  

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