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MHD CAN FlexFuel Analyzer QuickInstall Kit (MHD, EcuTek, & MG Flasher)

MHD CAN FlexFuel Analyzer QuickInstall Kit (MHD, EcuTek, & MG Flasher)

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Introducing the MHD ECA kit, which stands for Ethanol Content Analyzer. This device can accurately read and convert data from your E85 sensor, and then transmit it to your DME. This information can be used to enable the FlexFuel feature, allowing your DME to adjust the tune parameters on-the-fly, based on the ethanol content in your fuel tank.

E85 is a high-octane fuel that is designed to provide exceptional performance for your engine. With the FlexFuel feature, your engine can be tuned to match the specific E85 blend you're using, ensuring optimal performance and protection against potential damage.

Our ECA kit is specifically designed to work with MHD, EcuTek, and Bootmod3 tuned cars. This kit provides you with the necessary tools to enable the FlexFuel feature, giving you the peace of mind that comes with knowing your engine is running at its best.

Don't risk damaging your engine by using the wrong tune for your E85 blend. Invest in our ECA kit today and take advantage of the FlexFuel feature for maximum performance and protection.

Which cars are supported?

  • F22, F25, F3X, F1X, F4X, and F8X with N55 and S55 engines.
  • F series Gen1 B58B30M0 Engine with Automatic Transmission (Any HPFP)
  • G30(5 Series), G01 (X3 Series) Gen1 B58 Engine with Automatic Transmission (Any HPFP)
  • G20 , Supra, G01 (X3 Series), G30 (5 Series) Gen2 B58 Engine with Automatic Transmission (Any HPFP) - EcuTek Only
  • X3m, X4m, M3 G80, M4 G82 - S58 Engines Automatic Transmission (Any HPFP) - EcuTek Only

What else do I need to know?

Easy Install, no need to splice or solder any wires

It's plug-and-play, including connectors and fuel hoses.

Hoses are tested with 10 bars of static pressure (145 Psi)


It's different from any alternative!

No need to guess how to make it work 

We test each unit before we ship it


What's in the Box

  • Ethanol Analyzer Module

  • Ethanol Sensor

  • Custom P&P Piggy Harness

  • Custom P&P Hoses from Precision Raceworks

  • Eye Protecting Glasses

  • Hand Protecting Gloves


  • F series N55/S55 Installation Video

  • B58 Installation (Updated) Video

  • F95 X3m S58 Installation Video


HOW-TO Enable FlexFuel Feature in MHD app




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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Colby Clemmons
Easy simple plug and play power

Install was a breeze, setting up the tune via mhd was also very simple. The only thing I wish it had was some mounting tabs or holes on the analyzer so there was a cleaner and simpler way to mount it.

Ramzi Abdel (Pineville, US)

Fast af shipping

Thanks for the review Ramzi, enjoy your new flex fuel kit