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VR Performance Carbon Fiber Air Intake Kit (S55: M2C/M3/M4)

VR Performance Carbon Fiber Air Intake Kit (S55: M2C/M3/M4)

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Looking for a new Air Intake to put on your BMW M3, M4, or M2 with the S55 engine? VR Performance has the perfect air intake kit for your BMW F8x series now available and its in carbon fiber! Air intakes are a really simple concept for your engine. The more air flow in, the more power you will make. With the turbocharged S55 engine that is intercooled, the addition of a closed air intake box is a great first power modification. 

The VR Performance intake kits improve efficiency of your engine while adding a great sound under throttle. For turbocharged vehicles you will be able to hear your turbo spool up while creating a more exciting sense of speed. With the carbon fiber finish, the intakes add an incredible look to dress up the engine bay. When it comes to power and performance, typical gains of an intake are around 10-12 horsepower on a turbo vehicle. With a free flowing filter and improved intake piping, this is a noticeable difference over stock.

Each carbon fiber intake features a glossy clear coat finish that is adorned with the VR Performance logo. The intakes are all designed as a factory replacement to your stock intake parts. All intakes include new high flow air filters that can be cleaned and reused. These filters are standard sizing should you need to replace a filter at a later date. All intake kits come with necessary couplers, clamps, and hardware for installation.


  • Carbon Fiber Design
  • Includes High Flow Air Filter
  • Improved Turbocharger Sound
  • Adds HP and TQ
  • Adds Style to Engine Bay
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