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Vargas Turbocharger Technologies

VTT BMW F8X S55 Engine Catch Can

VTT BMW F8X S55 Engine Catch Can

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VTT is proud to announce our F8X Series S55 engine catch can set up. This kit uses our already extremely popular modular catch can, and couples it with a custom CNC 6061 bracket, VTT CNC banjo fittings, VTT 5 ply silicone hose, and Push lock fittings. Installation is simple, takes about 30 minutes to 2 hours depending on your skill level, and requires removing one factory hose to install the VTT hoses. Giving an OEM fit and finish when installed. Our kit stands out from others on the market by using high-quality AN fittings, and VTT Banjo adapters.

This is the ONLY catch can kit that is plug, and play with our CNC Billet Valve cover

Fits all F8X M3/M4 BMW vehicles with the S55 engine

This catch can fits all known intake variations we have seen, including stock intake.

Kit Breakdown is as follows:

  • 1 VTT Catch can
  • 1 VTT Catch Can Bracket
  • 2 Silicone Hoses with -10AN female hose ends
  • 1 VTT -10AN Low Profile Banjos
  • 1 -10ORB to -10 AN Male Fitting
  • 2 Worm Clamps
  • 1 -6 Drain fitting (optional)
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