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Vargas Turbocharger Technologies

VTT S58 “Game Changer” Intake Manifold Upgrade (M3/M4, G8X/F9X)

VTT S58 “Game Changer” Intake Manifold Upgrade (M3/M4, G8X/F9X)

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VTT is proud to announce our “Game Changer” charge air cooler for the S58 G8X, and F9X X3M/X4M platforms! We have completed testing, and any production changes, and are happy to open Pre-orders for the coolers!

While the factory charge air cooler is well done, and robust it leaves a lot to be desired on repeated pulls and ends up heat soaked very quickly. Using Proprietary US MADE “Bell Intercooler” Cores. We then couple that with CFD-designed runners, and end tanks that we have TIG welded right here in San Leandro California. With this strategy, we are able to take the limited space given to us by the factory, and add not only a larger more efficient core, but also much better-designed/flowing runners, and end tanks. We also pack the unit with tons of awesome features, all at a great price.


The VTT “GC” S58 Charge air cooler feature list includes:

  • 100% Billet construction using aerospace grade 6061-T6 –  Get rid of the failure-prone plastic factory cooler which we have seen fail at just under 30 psi
  • CFD Design to optimize the flow channels for increased flow which equals more power at less boost as restriction is reduced
  • US MADE and manufactured “Bell Intercoolers” Air To liquid bar and plate core
  • Much faster IAT Recovery, and lower IATs due to a vastly improved core design
  • Reduced Pressure Drop
  • Integrated EPOXY Phenolic spacer which attaches to the face to ensure NO heat transfer from the head to the cooler, AND ease of installation, no cussing while trying to line up spacer holes
  • Integrated EPOXY Phenolic spacers for the factory map sensor to ensure no heat transfer to the sensor which could cause inaccurate IAT readings
  • For the extra fueling needed for big power. We fully integrated our cooler with the wildly popular “PFS” S58 port injection kit, meaning if you already bought you, you can plug it right into the cooler, and not have to buy it again
  • Billet PI block of plates, which allow you to run DI only without the fuel rail attached
  • We added individual Nitrous or Methanol injection ports to the bottom of each runner. This will allow a stealth install of N20 if desired
  • 2 extra 1/8” NPT Vacuum/Boost ports were added to the front of the cooler for easy access and can be used for any variety of monitoring/triggering purposes
  • Keeps factory access to Oil Filter
  • Available in Raw Aluminum finish
  • Thermal Black Heat Dispersion Cerakote
  • Thermal Grey Heat Dispersion Cerakote
  • A wide variety of colors to choose from for custom powder coating desires
  • 100% Drop in fitment, compatible with all sensors, factory fittings, charge cooler reservoir, wiring harnesses, factory engine cover, etc.
  • Fits as a stock cooler would, but with much higher performance, and cooling potential
  • VTT’s No Hassle Warranty
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