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Weistec W.3 Turbo Upgrade Mercedes-Benz M177 (C63 AMG/S | GLC63 AMG/S)

Weistec W.3 Turbo Upgrade Mercedes-Benz M177 (C63 AMG/S | GLC63 AMG/S)

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The Weistec M177 W.3 Turbo Upgrade unlocks the true potential of the 4.0 Biturbo engine. Power gains are substantial, especially in the top end.

The factory turbocharges are disassembled and fully inspected. The compressor cover and center cartridge are then machined to accept Weistec's 5-axis CNC machined 65mm impeller wheel. Externally, no changes are made to maintain a completely stock appearance. The new impeller wheel supports greater power levels than the factory unit with little to no sacrifice in spool and response. The turbochargers are then reassembled with new seals and fully balanced for smooth operation and OEM service life. All the original oil and coolant lines bolt right up making for a simple install.

For maximum results, the combination of Weistec Downpipes and Weistec High Flow Air Filters is recommended. A Weistec W.3 Turbo Specific ECU Upgrade is recommended. Requires your turbos to be sent to Weistec for modification.


  • Increased horsepower depending on fuel and supporting modifications
  • 5-axis CNC machined
  • High RPM balanced for perfection operation
  • Substantial power throughout the RPM range
  • Stock appearance when installed
  • 100% Bolt on installation
  • Weistec Horsepower: 820 (Stock - 469)
  • Weistec Torque: 720 (Stock - 479)
  • Turbo Type: W.3 (Factory Upgrade)
  • Engine Family: M177
  • Mercedes-Benz C205/W205 C63 AMG 2015-2020
  • Mercedes-Benz C205/W205 C63 AMG S 2015-2020
  • Mercedes-Benz C253/X253 GLC63 AMG 2017-2020
  • Mercedes-Benz C253/X253 GLC63 AMG S 2017-2020
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