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Bosch OEM Direct Injectors (B58, B48, B46)

Bosch OEM Direct Injectors (B58, B48, B46)

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Bosch OEM Direct Injectors For B58 (Gen 1), B48, B46, B42, & B38 Engine

*B58 Owners Note: These are only for Gen 1 B58, if you looking for Gen 2 B58TU injectors, Click here...

Two Options For Buying:

*Priced Each, purchase as many as you need*
*6 Pack Bundle: 10% Off*

Injector failure is becoming more common as these motors are becoming older and people are putting more miles on them. If you are experiencing issues, it's best to replace these as soon as possible to avoid any kind of issues.

Injector Removal Tool Rental

Want to replace your injectors but don't want to spend $140 on a special tool you'll probably only use once? No problem, you can rent ours for FREE with the purchase of 4 or more injectors! Click Here to rent our direct injector removal tool...


Common Symptoms Of Injector Failure:

  • Misfires
  • Rough Idle
  • Wet Spark Plug (Injector Stuck Open)
  • White Spark Plug (Lean, caused by stuck closed/clogged injector)
  • Excessively Rich or Lean AFR's
Alternative Bosch Part Number:
  • 0 261 500 541
  • 0 261 500 542
  • 0 261 500 539
  • 0 261 500 140
Alternative BMW/Mini Number:
  • 13 53 8 625 396
  • 8625396

Informative Video from Kern417 about injector failure:


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Ian Reyna (Austin, US)
amazing customer service

had an issue with my order, talked to owner, and he resolved issue quickly and professionally.