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Bosch OEM Direct Injectors (B58TU Gen 2)

Bosch OEM Direct Injectors (B58TU Gen 2)

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Bosch OEM Direct Injectors For B58TU (Gen 2) 

*These are only for Gen 2 B58TU, for Gen 1 B58 injectors, Click here...

Two Options For Buying:

*Priced Each, purchase as many as you need*
*6 Pack Bundle: 10% Off*

Injector Removal Tool Rental

Want to replace your injectors but don't want to spend $140 on a special tool you'll probably only use once? No problem, you can rent ours for FREE with the purchase of 4 or more injectors! Click Here to rent our direct injector removal tool...


Common Symptoms Of Injector Failure:

  • Misfires
  • Rough Idle
  • Wet Spark Plug (Injector Stuck Open)
  • White Spark Plug (Lean, caused by stuck closed/clogged injector)
  • Excessively Rich or Lean AFR's

BMW Part Number:

  • 13538656548

Alternative Bosch Part Number:

  • 0 261 500 437
  • 0 261 500 438
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